Resources of amazing information.

Dr Eric Berg - Search his channel to find quick answers to all your concerns click here


Keto and Cancer - Resources giving information on the Ketogenic diet and cancer click here

Dr Thomas Seyfried & Dr Berg- Discuss Sugar/Carbs/Ketogenic diet and cancer click here

Keto and Alzheimer's Disease - Resources giving information on the Ketogenic diet

and Alzheimer's click here

Cholesterol Myth - Search YouTube for Dave Feldman and see his website here 

Dr Dale Bresden and others on Alzheimer's Disease - Information given on using food to assist people struggling with this terrible illness click here

Mark Sisson - Ex Pro athlete and super fit guy on everything you need to live primally in the modern world click here

Dom D'Agostino - Low Carb/Keto and  cancer scientist expert and scientist click here

High Intensity Health - Mike Mutzel interviews experts in low carb keto diets, gut bacteria health, sleep and building muscle click here

Dr Jason Fung - Expert on curing diabetes with diet and intermittent fasting click here

Joe Rogan - UFC commentator and comedian is a huge advocate of low carb and has interviewed many guests on the subject, very funny guy click here

Dr Ragan Chatterjee - UK GP frustrated by patients only getting 10 minutes with there doctor he starred in the BBC series Doctor In the house where he cured people of diet inflicted illnesses by changing there diets and ultimately there lives click here

Low Carb Down Under - Brilliant resource with keynotes on Low Carb for inflammation, athritis, intermittent fasting, cholestorol, saturated fat(not the enemy), click here

Tom Bilyeu - Drops a new video on Health Theory every Thursday. Tom is a fan of low carb for health click here

Movies that changed my life 

The Magic pill on Netflix and YouTube click here 

Carb Loaded on YouTube click here

Online News Articles

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Disclaimer - All the information provided are the views of the people featured. The links are simply provided to assist you to make a more informed decision on the next step of your health journey. Always do as much research as possible and discuss with your medical professional should you have any concerns. 

©2018 by Low Carb Health. All advise is given based on the experiences of the author, results can vary from person to person

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